The Ordering Goods

For questions related with the conclusion of the contract for the supply of goods, please contact the DIPOL office manager . For questions related with the credit limit, please contact the DIPOL finance Department. For questions related with Payment, please contact DIPOL accounting department. For questions related with the work of Dipol-orders system, please contact our specialist. To get access to our system, you need to receive Your personal login and password, contacting us by e-mail.


Ulbrokas iela 38, Rīga, Latvija

Phone: +371 67775924

Fax: +371 67775932


Contact numbers

Office manager: +371 67775926

Dipol-orders system help: +371 67775926; +371 29347292

Credit department: +371 67775914

Accounting department: +371 67775933

e-Mail to receive login and password::